BOAT Autopilot simulation using PX4

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ohrum cha
ohrum cha on 21 Apr 2023
Answered: Ankur Bose on 2 May 2023
What I'm trying to do is the following:
  1. i want tot plant an automatic navigation algorithm for an unmanned surface boat using px4.
  2. I want to test the algorithm I put in before planting it.
  • Using a simulator in the marine environment
  • Modification of automatic navigation algorithm (ex. motor pwm)
I think that the role of px4 linkage using matlab will be possible in number 2. Is it right?
If yes, please let me know if there is any reference material.
Call the simulator from the matlab environment and link it with px4
I want to modify the auto-navigation algorithm in px4 in the matlab environment!!

Answers (1)

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 2 May 2023
The PX4 support package allows the users to design controllers in Simulink, generate the code for the same and deploy on hardware. The examples provided today with the support package show flight controllers capability. The PX4 user guide does talk about UUV as experimental. We have not tested controllers in UUV with a plant. You can try out your algorithm and let us know your observations. We will try to make UUV support official when PX4 support is more robust


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