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How can I mode the refrigeration cycle considering frosting in the evaporator in simscape

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I am building a refrigeration system model,at the same time,I need to consider the impact of evaporator frosting,However,in the condenser evaporator (2P-MA) model ,The condensate is assumed to not accumulate on the heat transfer surface, and does not influence geometric parameters such as tube diameter. The condensed water is assumed to be completely removed from the downstream moist air flow.
I can't find the source code of the condenser evaporator (2P-MA) model to modify.however,I have M file for evaporator considering frosting, how can I add M file to simscape, or, is there another solution
Thank you all

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 10 May 2023
Hi Shuping,
You are correct about the condensed water being removed right away (like magic) from the MA domain. Therefore, no accumulation or frosting. The source code for this block is not open, as this is part of the Simscape Fluids add-on library (only the foundation library shows all the .scc codes). I suggest that you reach out to your MathWorks sales rep, or Technical Support, and ask them to re-route this question to the Application Engineering team. We can have a more in-depth discussion that way as your application will likely require extensive customization.


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