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issues on Heat exchanger in simscape TL-MA

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the model created seems not to behave phisically correct: heat exchanger reduces both temperature of TL and moisture air.
it should heat up air, cooling down fluid instead.
carlo ferro
carlo ferro on 26 May 2023
That was a mistake I have corrected the day before yesterday with positive results. not it converges rapidly without issues. I am now moving to a TL_2P_MA system
Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 26 May 2023
just summarized the discussion into "Answer". happy modeling!

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Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 26 May 2023
Setting reasonable parameters to discribe the nominal conditions for the heat exchanger seem to resolve the issue. Pay particular attention to units and type of information needed (mass flow vs. volumetric flow). The port size matters as well because the local velocity calculated based on port size and mass flow is also part of the energy flow calculation.

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