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Difference in terms of matrix/cell indexing in between Windows PC and a MacBook?

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I am currently using a Macbook Pro 2021 14" with the Apple silicon M1 Pro processor (ARM architecture).
I need to analyze EEG signals by using the Fieldtrip and EEGlab toolboxes in the MATLAB. All scripts are already ready, and I am running them properly on my Mac. However, when I transfer the data and the script files to my supervisor's PC (Windows 10, intel i9 processor), we are getting errors especially in terms of indexing. The errors are usually related to some matrices or cells, and we get errors like "Brace indexing is not available" etc.
After all we fixed those issues on my supervisor's PC, and now I moved the new script back to my Macbook, and I am getting similar issues on my Macbook now.
I have no idea what is happening on the background in between MacOS and Windows, or maybe in between M1 Pro processor (ARM) and his intel i9 processor.
Could anyone please enlighten me in this manner? I would like to know if MATLAB works different on different operation systems or in different processors.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 9 Aug 2023
I assume you are using the identical release and update on each installation.
Answering this question may need knowledge of MATLAB's inner workings and it is also worthwhile to investigate if this could be a bug. Please submit a support request and provide code / data and from both installations:
ver -support
Egehan Dorum
Egehan Dorum on 9 Aug 2023
Moved: Voss on 10 Aug 2023
Hi again. I am sorry to take your time. We have solved the issue quite easily, the version of one of the toolboxes was different.
Once we made them same on both computers, we are now able to run the codes with no modification needed.
It seems the Matlab has nothing to do with Windows or Mac, or ARM-processor or Intel. The case can be closed, sorry and thanks again!
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 10 Aug 2023
No worries, I am relieved you could solve it. So in general, different behavior in different release is possible and carefully reviewed and documented in the release notes.

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