Strange warning how to interpret it?

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 17 Sep 2023
Commented: Michael Vinskus on 12 Feb 2024 at 18:40
I get this strange warning in command window when MATLAB starts (R2023b)
"[WARN] StAXDialectDetector - Unable to determine dialect of the StAX implementation at jar:file:/C:/Program%20Files/MATLAB/R2023b/java/jarext/axis2/woodstox-core-asl.jar"
Does not occur everytime.
Michael Vinskus
Michael Vinskus on 12 Feb 2024 at 18:40
I just had the same happen on a clean install of 2023b Update 6 ( (R2023b)) when starting via the desktop shortcut created during installation. The issue does not happen if the program is started:
  • Via the Start menu
  • By running the executable out of the bin/win64 directory
  • From a shortcut which starts from the $matlabroot/bin/win64 directory.
The only difference in the shortcuts is that the one created on install has the "Start in" directory blank.

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 21 Nov 2023
Edited: Bruno Luong on 21 Nov 2023

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Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson on 22 Sep 2023
Edited: Nick Patterson on 22 Sep 2023
I got the same warning on my Windows machine when I installed R2023b. I restarted MATLAB and got the exact same error. Reading the comments (since I also had the pre-release for R2023b), I entered this command to clear all my preferences,
cellfun(@rmpref, fieldnames(getpref))
And the error did not occur on two consecutive start ups. I then ran several of my GUI's (which stores preferences), restarted MATLAB, and no more warnings.
So, not sure if this will work for others, but this was my experience:
  • Got warning every time I started R2023b (two times on two restarts)
  • Removed all preferences, never saw warning again (5 times and counting)
IYelin on 16 Oct 2023
I also got the same warning (new installation of MATLAB 2023b on Windows).
I tried to use your solution. However, when I run:
cellfun(@rmpref, fieldnames(getpref))
I get:
Error using fieldnames
Invalid input argument of type 'double'. Input must be a structure or a Java or COM object.
running 'getpref' returns empty, which explains it.
I then edited the preferences which were initially just the default. Specifically, I changed Text display 'line spacing' to 'compact' instead of 'loose'.
restarted matlab and did not get the warning. Hope it keeps this way.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2023
Edited: Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2023
I got the same thing the first time I started r2023b official on my macos ventura intel (I had prerelease before that.) I created a case about it; Mathworks suggested reinstall, which I have not done. I have not seen it in any of my starts of matlab since the first.
I had speculated that it might have to do with creation of prefdir which would only happen first time. I moved prefdir out of the way but the problem did not occur on start.
I speculated that the prefdir for the prerelease might have conflicted with the official, but I have not restored the old version from backup to test.
If I recall correctly, Bruno, you are using Windows, but I do not recall whether you are using intel or AMD? If you are using Windows then we could rule out it being Mac or Windows specific. (Ah, the file name gives away your os but not your CPU manufacturer)
Jon on 4 Oct 2023
I just installed R2023 Update 1, I still get the StAXDialectDetector error on startup

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Nathan Kimmitt
Nathan Kimmitt on 4 Oct 2023
I'm also getting this error, and usually it's followed by the program freezing in the initialization state. I uninstall and reinstall and it fixes the issue but only temporarily. Any ideas? I just tried Nick's suggestion by running:
cellfun(@rmpref, fieldnames(getpref))
so we'll see if that works.
Leon Thürnau
Leon Thürnau on 6 Nov 2023
Just installed update 3, same warning there. This was a fresh installation and I did not have installed update 1 / 2 before.
Leon Thürnau
Leon Thürnau on 16 Nov 2023
installed update 4, no warning message there

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Andres on 27 Oct 2023
Moved: Adam Danz on 27 Oct 2023
Note there is now a thread by the MathWorks support team you may want to follow as well
MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Oct 2023
Thank you Andres. Yes, please refer to the linked post and this Bug Report for future updates on this known issue.
Leon Thürnau
Leon Thürnau on 16 Nov 2023
installed update 4, no warning message there

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