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How do I take the translation output from one hydraulic cylinder rod and give it as an input to another so that it can act as a reciprocating pump in SIMHYDRAULICS?

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Instead of adding a mass at the end, I wanna connect the rod of another cylinder and make it as a reciprocating pump to pump water? How to do that? I tried adding like the image below.
But the translation of the cylinder seems to be very minimum relative to it's stroke length? I don't know why? Is there any other better way to connect them? and the flow rate from the DCV gets affected once I add the other cylinder to the circuit.
The input signal was to give flow rate till time 2s constantly. But it diminishes from starting itself.
What could be the problem here? Is it the DCV or the connection between two cylinders or the check valves?
Please help!!
Immanuel Keba J

Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 4 Oct 2023
I believe you have one of the hydraulic cylinder backwards. The left-right on the canvas doesn't indicate positive or negative direction, so the model you have right now, the two cylinders are in fact parallel to each other, instead of opposing, with the rod pointing to the SAME direction. Without changing any lines and rotate one of the cylinders by 180 deg and you'll see what I mean.
In the parameters of the cylinder, there is a "Cylinder orientation" parameter. You likely need to change that.
Also, I saw you are using R2018a, but if you ever upgrade to a newer version, consider using the Isothermal Liquid domain, instead of Hydraulics, as the latter will be phased out gradually (and IL domain is better ;).
immanuelkeba on 5 Oct 2023
Hi Yifend Tang,
Grateful for your reply regarding my query. , I tried with chaging cylinder direction too, but Didn't get the pumping as I expected. Actually I couldn't get what you really mean :(,
Can we connect for a call via Google Teams and discuss? Could you please suggest a timing for a call on 7.10.2023?
my mail id :
Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 5 Oct 2023
Hi Immanuel,
If you feel comfortable uploading your model here, I can help take a look.
Otherwise, I suggest you reach out to the technical support. There are technical resources from MathWorks India who may be able to assist you further.

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