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Reciever Accumulator in Simscape inlet Liquid and Vapour problem

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Hii everyone
Would like to simulate an evaporator i.e. plate heat exchanger in Simscape to evaporate refrigerant (2P) with water (TL). I built the evaporator (heat exchanger) however I could not get 100% vapor after the evaporator (heat exchanger), so I need to connect a reciever accumulator after the evaporator (heat exchanger) for the simulation to work. The goal is that after this reciever, the refrigerant must be only in the gas phase.
The problem is that after the evaporator (heat exchanger) there is only one output, where should I connect to the reciever in liquid or vapor? ( Although the refrigerants are in two phases, in liquid and in gas ).
My question is, how can I correctly connect the accumulator of the reciever to the evaporator (heat exchanger)
even if it is not completely vaporized.

Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 27 Sep 2023
It doesn't matter what state/mixture goes INTO the receiver from which port; the block will get what's coming in. When the fluid flow out of the receiver, it matters which port it flows out. AL/BL port only let out liquid (when liquid fraction is above a threshold), while AV/BV port only let out vapor (when vapor fraction is above a threshold).
So, in your case, it doesn't matter which port you use to connect to the evaporator, as long as your flow doesn't go backwards :D

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