Bug related to using selector block with complex data type in HDL code generation

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I am trying to generate HDL code for a subsystem with a selector block that selects between two complex inputs like the following picture:
But the HDL code advisor returns the following error: "Inputs and output to the Switch block should be all complex or real."
Any Ideas why? The port datatypes seem fine to me. I feel like there is a wrong datatype check that checks whether the datatype of the index input port is the same as the other ports (which should not happen).

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 8 Oct 2023
Edited: Kiran Kintali on 8 Oct 2023
Can you share your sample model and the release of MATLAB you are encountering this error?
Please find the attached model and the generated code snippet for this subsystem.
>> makehdl('test_selector_mlans/Subsystem')
### Working on the model test_selector_mlans
### Generating HDL for test_selector_mlans/Subsystem
### Using the config set for model test_selector_mlans for HDL code generation parameters.
### Running HDL checks on the model 'test_selector_mlans'.
### Begin compilation of the model 'test_selector_mlans'...
### Working on the model 'test_selector_mlans'...
### Working on... GenerateModel
### Begin model generation 'gm_test_selector_mlans'...
### Copying DUT to the generated model....
### Model generation complete.
### Generated model saved at hdlsrc\test_selector_mlans\gm_test_selector_mlans.slx
### Begin VHDL Code Generation for 'test_selector_mlans'.
### Working on test_selector_mlans/Subsystem as hdlsrc\test_selector_mlans\Subsystem.vhd.
### Generating package file hdlsrc\test_selector_mlans\Subsystem_pkg.vhd.
### Code Generation for 'test_selector_mlans' completed.
### Generating HTML files for code generation report at test_selector_mlans_codegen_rpt.html
### Creating HDL Code Generation Check Report Subsystem_report.html
### HDL check for 'test_selector_mlans' complete with 0 errors, 0 warnings, and 0 messages.
### HDL code generation complete.
Generates the following VHDL code
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
-- File Name: hdlsrc\test_selector_mlans\Subsystem.vhd
-- Created: 2023-10-08 12:03:20
-- Generated by MATLAB 24.1, HDL Coder 24.1, and Simulink 24.1
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
-- Rate and Clocking Details
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
-- Model base rate: 1
-- Target subsystem base rate: 1
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
-- Module: Subsystem
-- Source Path: test_selector_mlans/Subsystem
-- Hierarchy Level: 0
-- Model version: 1.1
-- -------------------------------------------------------------
USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL;
USE IEEE.numeric_std.ALL;
USE work.Subsystem_pkg.ALL;
ENTITY Subsystem IS
PORT( In1 : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
In2 : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
In3 : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
In4 : IN std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
Out1 : OUT std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
Out2 : OUT std_logic_vector(31 DOWNTO 0) -- sfix32_En30
END Subsystem;
-- Signals
SIGNAL Constant4_out1 : std_logic; -- ufix1
SIGNAL Mux_out1_re : vector_of_signed32(0 TO 1); -- sfix32_En30 [2]
SIGNAL Mux_out1_im : vector_of_signed32(0 TO 1); -- sfix32_En30 [2]
SIGNAL Selector_out1_re : signed(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
SIGNAL Selector_out1_im : signed(31 DOWNTO 0); -- sfix32_En30
Constant4_out1 <= '1';
Mux_out1_re(0) <= signed(In1);
Mux_out1_re(1) <= signed(In3);
Mux_out1_im(0) <= signed(In2);
Mux_out1_im(1) <= signed(In4);
Selector_out1_re <= Mux_out1_re(0) WHEN Constant4_out1 = '0' ELSE
Selector_out1_im <= Mux_out1_im(0) WHEN Constant4_out1 = '0' ELSE
Out1 <= std_logic_vector(Selector_out1_re);
Out2 <= std_logic_vector(Selector_out1_im);
END rtl;
ALi Falahati
ALi Falahati on 9 Oct 2023
Edited: ALi Falahati on 9 Oct 2023
The difference in my model is I am using the Bus creator block instead of MUX as input to the selector block. Should I use MUX instead? I am using MATLAB R2023a.
Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 10 Oct 2023
Thanks for clarifying your usage. We have been able to reproduce the error and working towards addressing the issue. We will publish an external bug report and report the link here for further tracking of the issue.

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