How to save a text file with number and text information?

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Hello, I have on my MATLAB code some variables containing values and filenames. Ex: lat1=1.2; lat2=3.2; long1=-44; long2=-34; grd=‘map.grd’; fault=‘fault.txt’; I would like to save one file in any output text format to be read by another code with a Shell code. Ex: file.txt containing all informations inside (1.2 3.2 -44 -34 map.grd fault.txt). I tried to use the writetable function as I have used before but it just work to values, it shows error when I tried to include the filenames (e.g map.grd). Does someone have any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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Voss on 1 Mar 2024
Put the filenames in cell arrays.
lat1=1.2; lat2=3.2; long1=-44; long2=-34; grd='map.grd'; fault='fault.txt';
% first, I generate the error you might have gotten:
T = table(lat1,lat2,long1,long2,grd,fault) % doesn't work
catch e
Invalid parameter name: map.grd.
% now, I put grd and fault in cell arrays:
T = table(lat1,lat2,long1,long2,{grd},{fault}) % works
T = 1×6 table
lat1 lat2 long1 long2 Var5 Var6 ____ ____ _____ _____ ___________ _____________ 1.2 3.2 -44 -34 {'map.grd'} {'fault.txt'}
% write the table to file:
% check the contents of the txt file:
type file.txt
lat1,lat2,long1,long2,Var5,Var6 1.2,3.2,-44,-34,map.grd,fault.txt
Guilherme Weber Sampaio de Melo
Yes, it worked well to continue the following steps on my code. Thank you very much!

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