Importing data to 3D array in matlab

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I'm trying to import many data files that contain x and y (wavenumber/intensity) data into a 3D array. Each data file has a different number of x and y data points. I'm having trouble getting each data set imported into my 3D array since they are all different sizes and I get an error message that the size of the left side doesn't match the right side after the first iteration in the for loop. Any help on getting it to work would be appreciated!
dir = "../Data Dump/Process Data/";
file_type = '*.asc';
%%%create datastore
Datastore = datastore(dir+file_type,"ReadSize","file","VariableNames",["wavenumber","intensity","rand"]);
nfiles = length(Datastore.Files);
file_names = erase(Datastore.Files,dir)';
for n =1:nfiles
T = importdata(file_names{n});
Data(:,:,n) = [T(:,1) T(:,2)];

Accepted Answer

Voss on 2 Mar 2024
Since each file has a different number of x,y, it'll be more convenient to use a cell array:
Data = cell(1,nfiles);
for n = 1:nfiles
T = importdata(file_names{n});
Data{n} = T(:,[1 2]);
Jaclyn Rebstock
Jaclyn Rebstock on 2 Mar 2024
This was a perfect solution. Thank you!
Voss on 3 Mar 2024
Edited: Voss on 3 Mar 2024
You're welcome! Any questions, let me know.

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