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Simscape 4-Way 3-Position Directional Valve (IL) No "Fluids/Plot Valve Characteristics" Option

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Per the help documentation for this block, there should be a plotting option to help visualize the orifice opening. The instructions are to right click the block and select "Fluids > Plot Valve Characteristics"; however, no Fluids option appears upon right clicking the block. I am using MATLAB R2024a.
The option also does not exist under any of the Format, Mask, or Library Link submenus.
Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 25 Apr 2024
I can't reproduce this on my end with R2024a and I do see the "Fluids > Plot Valve Characteristics" option.
Maybe contact technical support?
Only thing I can think of to try: do a "ver" command in the command window and see if Simscape Fluids license is there. Simscape allows opening and running models with add-on libraries without the add-on licenses, and you just can't modify them. I wonder whether that's why.
Trent Gatz
Trent Gatz on 25 Apr 2024
I've check again and the option has now appeared (without any restarting since I've posted this question). I tried "ver" and Simscape Fluids was there. Opened and closed MATLAB just to check, and it's still there, odd. I'll try to remember to come back with more reproduction steps if it happens again.

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Answers (1)

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 15 May 2024
See the comment section for the discussion. Issue resolved (by itself) as of now.


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