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Why is my code seemingly ignoring some of the for loop commands?

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Hello, I'm new to MATLAB and I'm trying to create a user-defined function that acts like bin2dec using manual conversion of binary to decimal integer, but I can't figure out why I'm getting outputs of "1" or no output value for x altogether. Can someone please help me understand what's wrong with my code? Thank you!!
% mybin2dec takes one single valued text input argument representation of a binary number and converts it to a decimal integer
function b=mybin2dec(x)
x=input('Enter a binary number as a text input: ', 's')
for y=[1:length(x)]
if x(y)==49
elseif x(y)==48

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2024
function b=mybin2dec(x)
You do not assign anything to b . Your code will error unless you do not assign the result of mybin2dec() to a variable and you supress the default output.
You overwrite all of d within each loop iteration. The final d that will be assigned is whatever it is assigned in the last iteration.
if x(y)==49
can be written as
if x(y)=='1'

More Answers (1)

Voss on 12 May 2024
d is computed anew on each iteration of the for loop; thus after it's done the result you see is the last d that was computed, either 0 or 1. You should be adding each d to the sum of all the previous d's that were already calculated.
I see you have sum(d) at the end, but as d is a scalar, that doesn't really do anything. I guess that means that d is intended to be a vector the same length as x, in which case you should be storing d(y) instead of d inside the loop when you calculate it.


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