how to rewrite an equation in terms of another equation?

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Hi. I have an equation for example like this:
sigma = 4*q*y^3/(b*h^3)
and I introduce that:
I = b*h^3/12
now I want to know how can I rewrite "sigma" in terms of "I"?
pfb on 26 Apr 2015
Ok, now that you have explained it, I understand. Perhaps I'm a bit slow.
Anyway, duplicating the question in the "tags" field is not very helpful.
Referring to symbolic calculations would have been more helpful.

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Apr 2015
This works:
syms q y b h I
sigma = 4*q*y^3/(b*h^3);
Eq1 = I == b*h^3/12;
b = solve(Eq1,b);
sigma = subs(sigma)
sigma =

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