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Why don't my R2012a multi-line uibuttongroup titles work in R2015a?

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Jim on 1 Jun 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
My programmatically-created GUI includes uibuttongroups with multi-line titles. These are defined as cell arrays of strings, and in R2012a they render just fine. We're upgrading to R2015a, and only the first lines of these titles appear. I've tried redefining them as strings with embedded char(10) characters, as multi-row string arrays, and by using sprintf with the format string '%s\n' to convert a cell array to a string. None of these attempts work; they result in either just the first line appearing or the newline is ignored. Is there a way to restore this functionality?

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Cindy Solomon
Cindy Solomon on 2 Jun 2015
Hi Jim,
The graphics system underwent a major overhaul in MATLAB R2014b and based on the aesthetics of multi-line titles with UIPanels or UIButton groups, this usage was removed. Hope this helps!
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Jim on 2 Jun 2015
Hi Cindy, Can you be a little more explicit about the aesthetics? I have multiple uibuttongroups side by side in a GUI figure, and multi-line titles saves horizontal space.

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