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Simmechanics load solidworks assembly error

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Toon Mertens
Toon Mertens on 29 Mar 2016
Commented: Dulanga Chamika on 11 Jul 2020
I'm trying to open a assembly from solidworks into simmechanics. Everything goes well until I try to open my xml file with the command
I always get next error.
Error using PMImport.ModelReader
"XML Read error" while attempting to read file "smTotal.xml".
Error in PMImport.ModelUpdater
Error in PMImport.pmiu_import
Error in mech_import (line 97)
Does anybody know how I could solve this? or what the problem is?
sakthinathan s
sakthinathan s on 1 Oct 2019
hello sir,
Try using the command smimport(' .xml') for importing the .xml files

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Answers (4)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 30 Mar 2016
I believe you are using the wrong command for importing the XML file.
Try using the command smimport('smTotal.xml') instead of mech_import().
mech_import() is for First Generation technology. It is likely you exported to Second Generation Technology, and should be using the command smimport().
See doc page for Simscape Multibody here:
(Note that SimMechanics was renamed to Simscape Multibody in R2016a). --Steve

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Omar Crypps
Omar Crypps on 2 Oct 2016
Hi, I designed a model of 1 degree of freedom on Solidworks and i followed all the steps to export it to the Simulink of Matlab. However, there is always an error that appears after exporting it on Simlink.
Unfortuntely, I can't add a screen shot here but the error tells me " Constraint is not supported , the constraint has been exported as unknown constraint .

Diego Leonardo Velásquez Gómez
Hello, I have the same problem as Omar Cryps, I've been using the smimport() function but it doesn't work, so please, somebody help me

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