How would I check to see if the number of rows in one matrix are equal to the number of rows in another matrix?

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I'm trying to write a function which will compare two matrices. Prior to this comparison I want my function to error check the entered matrices to ensure that the two matrices have the same number of rows. I know I will use and if/else statement and an error message, but what would the code look like for the check? Thank you!

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 2 Nov 2016
Use the size function to get the size of the vector or matrix. The first dimension are the number of rows, so for matrix ‘A’:
nr_rows = size(A,1);

Thorsten on 3 Nov 2016
Edited: Thorsten on 3 Nov 2016
You can use assert
assert(size(A,1) == size(B, 1), 'Matrices have different numbers of rows.')
If the condition given as the first argument is false, an error message with the second argument is thrown.


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