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How to change the direction of the PMSM(Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor)?

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Lee Kwan Hyung
Lee Kwan Hyung on 15 Mar 2011
Answered: Abhilash M Nair on 9 Mar 2020
Recently, I'm studying about 'Simulation of FOC Using PMSM Model' in 'Target Support Package' to implement the PMSM driver by using the ezdsp2812 and DMC550.
But there are some question. What part of this model affects the rotation direction of the PMSM and How to modify that.
Could anybody help me with kindness? Thanks a lot! and I'm so sorry that I'm not fluent in English.

Answers (3)

Suresh on 24 Dec 2011
we can change the direction of any motors by reversing the supply voltage,what we have been applied to that motors...

Antonin on 20 Nov 2017
Hi Lee Kwan Hyung,
Even though this is an old question, I think it is still relevant. Our FOC algorithms require a torque demand, that is sometimes coming out of the speed controller. Asking for negative torque will eventually spin the motor in the reverse direction. While using the speed controller, you can also ask for negative speed. I hope it helps, Cheers,

Abhilash M Nair
Abhilash M Nair on 9 Mar 2020
reversing the voltage sequence or torque is producing oscilating speed ,how to rectify this?


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