How can I make the labels of components in appdesigner use the latex interpreter?

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Is there a way to make the label of a numeric box in a GUI generated by appdesigner to use latex as an interpreter? Currently, if I want to say label the numeric text box it displays e.g. y_2(0). How can I make it display $y_2(0)$ i.e. in latex mode, please?
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald on 8 Mar 2017
This is a limitation of App Designer. There is currently no way of setting a latex interpreter for text boxes.
As somewhat of a workaround, you could simply generate the formatted text elsewhere and copy and paste it into the label field. Try it with this: y₂(0)
You can also use the "char" command to create special characters. This will create the same string:
['y' char(8322) '(0)']

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Christopher Braunholz
Christopher Braunholz on 9 Aug 2018
This is not satisfying, Matlab.

Rick Butler
Rick Butler on 21 Jul 2019
Edited: Rick Butler on 21 Jul 2019
As a workaround I sometimes use a figure instead with the following properties:
  • No labels, title, ticks or ticklabels
  • YLim = [0,1], XLim depends on the width of your 'label'
  • XColor, YColor and the color of the box set to 'none'
  • DataAspectRatio = [1,1,1]
Now you can use
text(figure_handle, 0.2, 0.5, '$L\alpha TeX t\epsilon xt$', 'Interpreter', 'latex', more options..)
Copy-pasting from another source is probably less tedious but this solution allows you to change your label text dynamically.
Fingers crossed for label interpreters in 2019b!
Saeid on 26 Jul 2021
Nice example, Ron. It covers almost all the cases that someone needs to put a formula into a GUI!

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