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GUIDE GUI desing

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Sam on 21 Mar 2012
Hello Folks
I am trying to create a button that would launch "open file" functionality in order to save a ".mat" file , for use in the GUI.
the second issue i have, let's say i ahve popup menu that when one of its element is selected a certain algorithm is executed, this part i have done, but i want the algorithm function that has returned vector, to display one of its rows data in a text format in the GUI "say in a small frame"
i am using GUIDE. i am not sure if programmatic GUI works together with uicontrol object directly "i mean inside one of the function that gets generated in GUIDE"
Arthur on 22 Mar 2012
You're not reading the value of the popup correctly. str = get(hObject,'String') will return all strings of the popup. In your case str = {'Ellipsoidal Estimation', 'Recursive Least Square'}. You will have to use v = get(hObject,'Value') to read at which position the popup is.
Did you try the solution I suggested here?
I'm pretty sure that should work.

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Aldin on 21 Mar 2012
For first problem:
Write as Callback for your button this code:
[a,b] = uigetfile open([b,a])

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