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c2000 embeded coder. f2978d simulink doubt

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varun lal
varun lal on 22 Aug 2017
Answered: Antonin on 23 Aug 2017
With c2000 embeded coder. I have made a simple simulink design, It always output the letter 's' no matter whatever constant is sent out to the SCI I have attached screenshot of the design
using f28379d launchpad as hardware

Accepted Answer

Antonin on 23 Aug 2017
Hi Varun,
The "protocol" mode is the culprit. It tries to establish communications using a proprietary protocol which is responsible for the 's' character being sent. In the configuration parameters of the model, under SCIA make sure to pick "Raw_data" for the communication mode. This should fix the problem.
I hope it helps,

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