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error using readtable with "opts" and "TreatAsEmpty" together

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lp2015 on 28 Mar 2018
Answered: Jeremy Hughes on 28 Mar 2018
Hi, I am trying to import an xlsx file to a table using the following command:
trial_table = readtable(xlsx_file_path, opts, 'TreatAsEmpty',{'.','NA'});
However, I get the following error:
Error using (line 339)
'TreatAsEmpty' is not a recognized parameter. For a list of valid name-value pair arguments, see the documentation for readtable.
I read the documentation, and as far as I understand, 'TreatAsEmpty' should be a recognized name-value pair argument. In fact, when I used only the 'TreatAsEmpty' or the 'opts' input alone, the function worked!
trial_table = readtable(xlsx_file_path, 'TreatAsEmpty',{'.','NA'}); #this works
trial_table = readtable(xlsx_file_path, opts); #this works
trial_table = readtable(xlsx_file_path, opts, 'TreatAsEmpty',{'.','NA'}); #this does not work
trial_table = readtable(xlsx_file_path, 'TreatAsEmpty',{'.','NA'}, opts);#this does not work
From the readtable documentation page I understand that I am using a valid input:
Any ideas why this is not working? Thanks


lp2015 on 28 Mar 2018
opts = detectImportOptions(xlsx_file_path);
% set catgegorical variables
cat_vars = {'Rat_Name','student_Name', 'Rat_Decison'};
member_cat_var = ismember(cat_vars, opts.VariableNames);
cat_vars = cat_vars(member_cat_var);
opts = setvartype(opts, cat_vars, 'categorical');
% set logical variables
lgc_vars = {'AutoFixation','AutoReward', 'AutoRewardSound', 'AutoStart', 'FixationOnly', 'skip_Analyze', 'stable_fixation', 'succsessfullTrial', 'SecondChoice', 'ErrorChoiceSoundOn', 'RewardSound', 'EnableClueSoundInBothSide', 'EnableClueSoundInCorrectSide','EnableRightLeftMustEquals' };
member_lgc_vars = ismember(lgc_vars, opts.VariableNames);
lgc_vars = lgc_vars(member_lgc_vars);
opts = setvartype(opts, lgc_vars, 'logical');

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Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 28 Mar 2018
Only a subset of the parameters in READTABLE are allowed with the options. Part of the reason is that, in the import options, you can set TreatAs_Missing_ per-variable.
opts = setvaropts(opts, _yourVars_, 'TreatAsMissing',{'.','NA'});
Hope this helps


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