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Change Parameters on stand alone application without the need of downloading the Simulink model on the Target

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Kyriakos Sampatakakis
Kyriakos Sampatakakis on 15 Apr 2018
Commented: Antonin on 28 Aug 2019
Hello, I want to know if it is possible to change various parameters in a stand - alone application which runs on a Target without downloading the whole Simulink model every time. More specifically, the Simulink model inlcudes MATLAB function as well as Look-up Tables that I have to be able to modify them. The target has to be able to self-boot, so if I am guessing right the "External mode" isn't suitable. Also these parameters have to be saved on target's flash memory, so that in a unexpected loss of power, the target will be able to boot having the last uploaded configuration. The only possible workaround on this problem was to upload the whole project in the Target from the CCS after changing the parameters mentioned above in the corresponding source file .
Target: LaunchPad F28379D (C2000).

Accepted Answer

Antonin on 18 Apr 2018
Hi Kyriakos,
You can run External mode from a power-cycle boot. On your Simulink model, click on the "Code" menu option, then click on the External Mode Control Panel. Once your board is up and running, click on "Connect" on the External mode control panel, you can now tune parameters and log signals. The model has to be matching the code that is running on the target, otherwise you may get a checksum error. There is no provision to just save these parameters in flash right now, but the latest values you applied will be present in your Simulink model, even if the board resets. You just have to generate code again for the new parameters to be permanently flashed onto the processor, which is a one-click operation.
I hope it helps,

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