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How to open C2000 support package example ?

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loc le
loc le on 21 Apr 2018
Commented: loc le on 23 Apr 2018
I'm using matlab 2017b, and I see that there is an example like this: "Using SPI to Read and Write Data to SPI EEPROM " But I can't see it in example sections in C2000 support package. How can I get this example ?

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Antonin on 23 Apr 2018
Hi Loc LE,
The example you are pointing to is shipping in MATLAB R2018a. In R2017b you can use this SPI example to learn about SPI functionalities.
I hope it helps,
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loc le
loc le on 23 Apr 2018
Thanks Antonin, It's great to have you answer my question. Do you have Using SPI to Read and Write Data to SPI EEPROM example. Can you send it to me in version2017b. It's really helpful to me.

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