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F28069M Simulink Failed to Open COM

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Euan Andrew
Euan Andrew on 16 May 2018
Commented: Euan Andrew on 17 May 2018
Hi all, I am trying to program a Texas Instruments F28069M LaunchPadXL using simulink. I have started out using a blinky LED type project. The project builds and runs correctly on the board and the LEDs flash as expected. However, I get the following error:
Failed to open serial port COM2. Possible causes are: a) The target is not powered on. b) The specified port number is not correct. c) The specified bit rate is not supported by the host machine. d) The specified port is occupied by another application. e) The previous connection was not closed correctly. If this is the case, you may need to re-start MATLAB.
Can anyone advise how to cure this error. I am satisfied that the connections are correct as the code is running properly on the board and TI's CCS can establish a connection.

Accepted Answer

Antonin on 17 May 2018
Hi Euan,
Your board may be using a different COM port. This page will help you figure out your COM port:
Also, make sure to follow the steps in this example:
I hope it helps,
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Euan Andrew
Euan Andrew on 17 May 2018
Thanks for the links. I had most of these things configured correctly bar one. I was using the COM port of Channel A which it turns out was already in use by the JTAG debug probe. I have changed to the COM port of Channel B which in my installation is labelled as "XDS 100 Class Auxiliary Port". Things seem to be working correctly now.

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