Plotting Values on specific x-y coordinates

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Sharif Khalil
Sharif Khalil on 18 Jul 2018
Answered: Afshin Aghayan on 8 Oct 2019
I have X (181X361), Y(181X361), Values(181X361), I would like to plot the values on each X and Y with colors indicating the values in a 2D-plane. I do not know what to choose and how to implement, plot, colormap,....

Accepted Answer

Aquatris on 18 Jul 2018
Edited: Aquatris on 18 Jul 2018
I think you are asking for contour or contourf functions. Usage is simple;

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Afshin Aghayan
Afshin Aghayan on 8 Oct 2019
you can use this code for displaying any data in the form of [x, y, f(x,y)] or data with coordinate


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