SIMULINK - HDL code generation with floating point & matlab function block

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I am trying to generate some HDL code using native floating point. I've written my own function in matlab and have imported it into my simulink model using the matlab function block. However, when I try to compile I get this error:
"Block 'my_function/MATLAB Function' is unsupported for HDL code generation when in native floating-point mode"
Anybody have any idea how to get around this? I would rather not use fixed-point conversion if I do not have to.

Answers (1)

Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 29 Oct 2023
This restriction is relaxed since R2019b.
Simulink Blocks Supported by Using Native Floating Point
A large subset of MATLAB is supported with Floating Point and HDL Code Generation.

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