simbiology question- how to overlay observed data with simulation

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Hello Matlab Community,
I have a question on how to overlay observed data with the model simulation that I've created. Any help on what part of the interface to do this, where in the instruction manual, or that code would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the help

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Priya Moorthy
Priya Moorthy on 2 Nov 2018
Edited: Priya Moorthy on 2 Nov 2018
In the current version of the SimBiology Desktop, experimental and simulation data cannot be viewed together in the plots generated after a running a simulation, but they can be viewed together in the Live Plots. Assuming you have already created a model and simulation task, and have also imported your experimental data into the SimBiology desktop:
1) With your simulation task open, click on the "Live Plots" button in the "Editor" tab of the toolstrip.
2) Switch to the "Explorer" toolstrip tab and click on "Edit Properties" to bring up a window for configuring your live plot.
3) At the top of the "Data to Plot" tab of the "Properties" pop-up window, there is a drop down menu that allows you to choose between State, External and Math data. Choose "Plot External Data" and click "Add". A new row for your experimental data will appear in the table of plotted variables.
4) Select this row and configure the X column name, Y column name, etc.
5) You can repeat this for any number of states, external data columns or also arbitrary math lines.
A more general explanation can be found in the documentation here:
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Brett Fleisher
Brett Fleisher on 3 Nov 2018
Great, thank you for the explanation. This was what I was looking for.
Best, Brett

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