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Is it possible to set all species units at the same time?
Rebeca, You can use your Ctrl/Cmd-A in the diagram to select everything in your model. Then, you can go to the Property Editor ...

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Simbiology "Project Save Error"
Hi, Jim, I'm sorry that you are running into issues while saving your project. The behavior you describe sounds like what we s...

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The most recent version of Matlab (R2022b) does not open a SimBiology file (.sbproj)
Hi, Christos, The .sbproj file extension represents a SimBiology project file that can be opened with the SimBiology Model Anal...

7 months ago | 1

Can I modify the data after the datasheet loaded in the Matlab project?
Hi! Just to clarify, I think you are referring to a SimBiology project rather than a MATLAB project. You are correct; you cann...

8 months ago | 1

Why the simulated plot is different when select style between "Time" and "Percentile"?
Hi, Percentile plots are usually meant for visualize a large number of simulation results. Each individual timecourse is inter...

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Simbiology createSimFunction data access
Mohammad, The SimBiology Model Analyzer app introduced the percentile plot type in R2021b. You can use this plot type to visua...

1 year ago | 1

Change default plot settings in SimBIology Model Analyzer App
Hi, Greg, thank you for the suggestion. Currently, it is not possible to change the default font, font size, etc. for a plot in...

2 years ago | 1

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Add a new unit in SimBiology app
Hi, Jacopo, Unfortunately, the instructions in the error message are outdated. In R2019b, you can access the Units Library fro...

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How can I plot only one fitted variable after using sbiofit?
Hi, Jim, Currently, SimBiology plot functions do not support using multiple y-axes. You can pass a custom plot function to sbio...

3 years ago | 0

simbiology question- how to overlay observed data with simulation
Brett, In the current version of the SimBiology Desktop, experimental and simulation data cannot be viewed together in the pl...

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SimBiology sensitivity analysis warning
Hi, Wendy, This warning message is one that is usually displayed at the command line if users are simulating a model and have...

5 years ago | 1