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How to process imgs from my mobile gallery by Matlab mobile application?!

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I am trying to attach an img from my mobile storage to be processed by Matlab function on mobile matlab application, but i keep getting this error "Invalid use of operator" which i think its because he just cant fetch the img....any ideas?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 2 Feb 2019
Did a little digging. It does not appear to be currently possible to access your phone's gallery from MATLAB Mobile. I suspect the main reason is because your mobile device is actually connecting to MATLAB running elsewhere - either your desktop or MathWorks Cloud. The folder structure of MATLAB Mobile is the same as the MATLAB version you connected to: the current folder of your desktop MATLAB or MATLAB Drive if connecting to the cloud.
This means that at least for now, you would need to add the pictures to either MATLAB Drive or your desktop in order to access them in MATLAB Mobile.

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