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Inverse Dynamics in SimMechanics 2nd Gen

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Christian on 13 Aug 2012
Answered: Jason Chen on 17 Dec 2018
I am interested in running an Inverse Dynamics problem in SimMechanics 2nd Generation, however I cannot find this as a solver option nor can I find how to input motion constraints into the joint blocks.
Is running in Inverse Dynamics mode possible in SimMechanics 2nd Generation?
Thanks for the help.

Answers (2)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 9 Mar 2018
You can perform inverse dynamics simulations with Simscape Multibody Second Generation Technology. You do not need to choose the type of simulation you wish to perform. You prescribe motions and request computed force/torque, and Simscape Multibody automatically figures out what type of analysis is needed. Look at the documentation page for any joint, such as the Revolute Joint.

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