Regular expressions: number that does not begin or end with a letter

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This is my first post here.
I'm trying to read a file that has strings like this one c0, ("cee zero comma") but it has other strings like 117. So I need to create a regular expression that only selects numbers that don't have any non numbers in front of them. Makes sense?
How can I select only the 0?
I have tried ^(?![\D][0-9]+ without success. I know this doesn't do anything at the end.
In simpler terms, what I'm trying to achieve is this: use regexp to only select decimal numbers and integers (but the interger part should not select integers that are in the decimal number...) .
Here is one of the lines I'm working on: d="M117.125,310.375c0,-77.729,80.738,-140.625,180.515,-140.625" />

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Debasish Samal
Debasish Samal on 13 Jun 2019
Edited: Debasish Samal on 13 Jun 2019
Here is a solution to your answer. This solution separates all the decimal numbers/integers from the non integers/decimals.
str = "M117.125,310.375c0,-77.729,80.738,-140.625,180.515,-140.625" ;
exp1 = ',';
splitStr = regexp(str,exp1,"split");
exp3 = '[^0-9.,-]'
splitStr = regexprep(splitStr,exp3,'')
"117.125" "310.3750" "-77.729" "80.738" "-140.625" "180.515" "-140.625"
If this is what you needed, try the above regexp.
If you dont split the string at the commas you get this output.
splitStr = "117.125,310.3750,-77.729,80.738,-140.625,180.515,-140.625"

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L_Del on 13 Jun 2019
Thank you for your prompt answer. This is almost perfect. I just changed the exp1 line into this:
exp1 = '(,|c)';
and now it takes the c character into account!
Again, many thanks for getting me unstuck!


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