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App Designer interaction with MATLAB/SIMULINK/SIMSCAPE

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Prasanna Venkatesh
Prasanna Venkatesh on 5 Jul 2019
The project I am going to start involves usage of MATLAB, SIMULINK and SIMSCAPE. At the end, I need to create a standalone app which has simple inputs and 3d plot as output where the prgram is done in those software. How can I incorporote those into app desginer and give a standalone app?


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Answers (2)

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 17 Jul 2019
You can write the values which you want to plot in a ‘mat file’ and load the mat file formed in the App Designer Code and proceed further by referring the UIAxes to generate a 3D plot on it.
For instance:
Try executing this code by adding startupFcn callback in App Designer, which gives a 3D plot on the UIAxes added in UIFigure.
[X,Y] = meshgrid(1:0.5:10,1:20);
Z = sin(X) + cos(Y);
save ( 'variables.mat' , 'X' , 'Y' , 'Z');
In App Designer startupFcn callback method:
load variables.mat;
surf(app.UIAxes, X,Y,Z);


Prasanna Venkatesh
Prasanna Venkatesh on 17 Jul 2019
@ Harsha Priya Daggubati
Basically my app need to take simple data from user and do complex program in MATLAB/Simulink/Simscape ang give a simple output. So the standalone app which will be used by Non-Matlab user, should run the programs that I have written in MATLAB/Simulink/Simscape. How to bridge all these? or How to transform the codes in those softwares to app deigner code?
Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 17 Jul 2019
I suggest to take your inputs from App designer textfields(assuming your Inputs are simple),add a callback to your MATLAB code which does your required work and then plot your output.
Prasanna Venkatesh
Prasanna Venkatesh on 22 Jul 2019
Yeah. I have done that. But when I make into a standalone app will that MATLAB function (Callback) will be integrated into the the app design code? What about Simulink and Simscape codes?

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