Signal Editor block of Simulink of MATLAB 2019a in a discrete model where the solver is FixedStepDiscrete solver.

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I am trying to deploy FCS block of quadcopter simulink model. I am using kubuntu (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) and MATLAB 2019a. The steps that I followed:
  1. Created the model using asbQuadcopterStart command in MATLAB command prompt.
  2. Clicked on Set Rolling Spider Model and Set PARROT Target from the Project Shortcuts tab on the menubar.
  3. Connected the drone using bluetooth device from the host computer. Checked the connection using the ping command; ping responded properly.
  4. Copied the Signal Editor subsystem from Command subsystem, opened the FCS substem by double clicking on it, and pasted the Signal Editor into the FCS subsystem.
  5. Connected the output port of Signal Editor to input port ReferenceValueServerCmds of Flight Control System subsystem. Inside the FCS block, Ac Cmd input port is kept disconnected. A picture of the modified FCS subsystem is attached herewith.
  6. Opened the FCS subsystem as a top model, and clicked on the build tool to code in the hardware.
It cannot generate/deploy the code for PARROT drone. It shows the error message as shown in the boottom of this page. The problem is about two continuous time blocks in the Signal Editor, one is Clock and the other one is the Position Attitude Reference block. I replaced the continusion clock by a digital clock; one problem gets eleminated. The other problem with Position Attitude Reference block remains.
Code Generation 1
Elapsed: 2 sec
### Generating code into build folder: C:\Users\a1678193\MATLAB\Projects\examples\asbQuadcopter10\work\flightControlSystem_ert_rtw
### Build procedure for model: 'flightControlSystem' aborted due to an error.
Block 'flightControlSystem/Signal Editor/Clock' uses continuous time, which is not supported with the current configuration.
Suggested Actions
Select Support continuous time
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error
Error occurred in 'flightControlSystem/Signal Editor/Position/Attitude Reference'.
Caused by:
Block 'flightControlSystem/Signal Editor/Position//Attitude Reference/From Workspace' uses continuous time, which is not supported with the current configuration.
Suggested Actions
Select Support continuous time
Could you please help solving this issue!
Figure 1: Modified FCS block.

Answers (1)

Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri on 9 Mar 2021
According to my understanding the error is because of the continuous time block.You need to enable codegen option for the continuous time block to eliminate the error.Refer to below link for further information


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