Does Embedded Coder support TI's Hercules ARM Safety MCU family?

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Sedat Gur
Sedat Gur on 28 Sep 2012
Answered: Antonin on 20 May 2014
Hello all,
My question is if the TMS570 is supported by MATLAB Embedded Coder? In the supported hardware list, it says ARM is supported. As far as I know, ARM is the company which produces microprocessor architectures. I think if TMS570 has the ARM Cortex Architecture then TMS570 shoul be supported. Could you please give me clear information on this issue?

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Paul Metcalf
Paul Metcalf on 28 Sep 2012
Hi Sedat, While I can't answer your question, I thought I could help in other ways. You should be asking TMW directly about this. For sure, Embedded Coder can produce code that will be able to run on just about any microcontroller architecture. The devil is always in the detail. What I think you are asking is what level of automation is provided in the the Embedded Coder workflow, and are I/O blocks provided? The good news is that R2012b restores project level support with TICCSv5. But to what extent Embedded Coder provides compatible I/O blocks and O/S level support for that platform I have no idea, I presume not. It sounds like you are looking for a complete board support package for Embedded Coder. You generally have to pay extra for these. For example, I know Freescale offer Mathworks BSP blocks for some of their safety controllers at a price...

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