Filing/interpolation of irregular sample time series multivariate data

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I have an irregular time series sample data with multiple variables, and I would like to fill in the gaps (filling or interpolation) to get daily data for all the variables at one interpolation. The data is a attached.
Can anyone be of help, please?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Dec 2019
Try this:
T1 = readtable('Edward Bam Eddata.txt');
T2 = table2timetable(T1, 'RowTimes','TimeStamp');
T3 = retime(T2, 'daily','linear'); % Desired Result
See the documentation on the retime function for additional options for the interpolation.
Avoiding the intermediate steps using readtimetable is also an option. I chose to do the intermediate steps so that I could see them, since I was unfamiliar with your file.

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shadman khan
shadman khan on 7 Dec 2019
firstly i am not an exxpert
but simple help for you is :cftool matlab
it has multiple variable regression
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B on 7 Dec 2019
Hello shadman khan , Thanks for the attempt...the second answer works wana try it?

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