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finding peaks at distances for curve with certain samples

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MatG on 3 Apr 2020
Edited: Tommy on 3 Apr 2020
I have a curve (X-Y) which has its absolute maximum at X=0 and the curve extends (and declines in terms of Y value) to right/left of the X=0. The curve has a lot of lobes and it is a very long vector of Y-values, but it has many local maxima. I want to obtain an envelop of the curve with only 2001 samples with 1 sample at X= 0, 1000 samples at left and 1000 samples on right so that these are an approximate envelop of the curve.
I use the envelope(Y, 2000,'peak') to extract the samples which is slow. Is there any other suggestions to obtain a vector [Z_1,...,Z_2001] such that:
1) Z_1001 is the maximum of curve Y (which is usually in its middle at X=0).
2) Z_1 through Z_1000 be 1000 samples of maximums to form an envelop above the curve for X<0.
3) Z_1002 through Z_20001 be the 1000 samples of Y which form an envelop above curve for X>0.
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Tommy on 3 Apr 2020
You may consider using
[TF,P] = islocalmax(Y)
where TF will have the same length as Y and will contain a 1 (true) where a local maximum is detected, and P (also the same length as Y) gives the prominence of each peak, which "measures how the peak stands out with respect to its height and location relative to other peaks" ( P is 0 for any point not considered a local maximum. Then,
[~, i] = maxk(P(X>0), 1000);
should give the indices in Y of the 1000 'best' maxima for X>0.

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