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Can array values be used in plot titles?

Asked by Tom
on 8 Nov 2012
I'm really sorry I can't be more specific and include any code, but this is for an assignment and so it would be wrong to publish my code.
However, this is quite a generic question so I hoped this time it would not be a problem.
I have a figure with 5x2 plots on, and each of the ten plots correspond to a different frequency, which are generated by one entered value (not frequency).
Is it then possible to have those generated values (currently in an array) appear in the titles of each subplot?


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2 Answers

José-Luis 님의 답변 8 Nov 2012
 채택된 답변

a = 1:10;
all_titles = arrayfun(@(x) {num2str(x)},a);
h = cell(1,10);
for ii = 1:10;
h(ii) = {subplot(1,10,ii)};
cellfun(@(x,y) set(get(x,'title'),'string',y),h,all_titles)


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Arthur 님의 답변 8 Nov 2012

Use num2str and title.


Thanks again - I must be doing something wrong though. Here's the section of code that's relevant.
clear all; close all;
f_max = 950;
freq = [f_max/10,f_max/4,f_max/1.5,f_max/1.1,f_max*1.1,...
freq_n = numel(freq);
freq_i = 1:10;
all_titles = arrayfun(@(freq) {num2str(freq)},freq_i);
I'm getting all_titles coming out as a cell with just 1,2,3..10 in it.
You want to make titles from the array 'freq'? Then it should be
all_titles = arrayfun(@(x) {num2str(x)},freq);
Many thanks Arthur & Jose-Luis.

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