how to define a path in saveas command

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H-M on 18 Jun 2020
Commented: H-M on 18 Jun 2020
I am using saveas command in a ''for loop'' to save 20 plots in .png format. How can I add the i counter of for loop in saveas command. Many thanks
pathdatasave = 'E:\matlab';
saveas(gcf,[pathdatasave '%03d' '.png' ]);

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jun 2020
You probably messed up by not having the slashes correct. You should use fullfile(), like this:
folder = 'E:\matlab';
if ~isfolder(folder)
% Folder does not exist. Ask the user to browse to an existing one.
uiwait(msgbox('Please select the output folder'))
folder = uigetdir(pwd);
if folder == 0
% User clicked cancel.
for k = 1 : whatever
% Some code to change the current figure...
% Now save the current figure.
baseFileName = sprintf('%03d.png', k);
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, baseFileName);
saveas(gcf, fullFileName);

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Tommy on 18 Jun 2020
Possibly like this?
pathdatasave = 'E:\matlab';
saveas(gcf,sprintf('%s%03d.png', pathdatasave, i));


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