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Why i can't use symbolic values in trvec2tform function from Robotics Toolbox ?

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hello i'm new, and im struggling with this little problem here is the code...i desire to get symbolic equations as output, can you tell me what am I doing wrong? im using Matlab 2018a
syms d O l x y a real
T0f=trvec2tform([d,0,0])*rot2tform(rotz(O))*(trvec2tform([l 0 0]))
T0p=trvec2tform([x y 0])*rot2tform(rotz(a))
here's the output:
% Error using trvec2tform
% Expected t to be one of these types:
% single, double
% Instead its type was sym.
% Error in robotics.internal.validation.validateNumericMatrix (line 21)
% validateattributes(M, {'single','double'}, {'nonempty','real','2d',varargin{:}}, ...
% Error in trvec2tform (line 20)
% robotics.internal.validation.validateNumericMatrix(t, 'trvec2tform', 't', ...

Accepted Answer

Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat on 25 Jan 2021
Hi Othienno,
Unfortunately, the trvec2tform, rotm2tform, and rotz functions only support numeric inputs, but not symbolic ones. Your feedback is useful and we hope to address it in an upcoming release.

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