Calculating survival probabilities from Mortality tables in MATLAB

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I am working with mortality tables on MATLAB. My aim is to upload any (Mortality Table) data file in Matlab and calculate survival probabilities.
I tried to calibrate lifetable using MATLAB program [a,elx] = lifetablefit(x,lx). But I am not able to run the code. Matlab returns,
Unrecognized function or variable 'x'.
Error in lifetable (line 6) [a,elx] = lifetablefit(x,lx);
I have attached the datafile and I here is my code.
opts=detectImportOptions('lifetable2000CM.csv', 'PreserveVariableNames', true) % to locate table and return its import options
data = readtable('lifetable2000CM.csv',opts); % I have two variables "x" which is age and "lx" which is number of survivals at each age
[a,elx] = lifetablefit(x,lx);
MATLAB works perfectly fine if I write
load us_lifetable_2009
My aim is to to program any kind of lifetable in MATLAB. If anyone has experience in this area please help me out.

Accepted Answer

Tommy on 14 Aug 2020
readtable() returns a table which should contain your variables. Try
[a,elx] = lifetablefit(data.x, data.lx);

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