Simulink: Dragging blocks directly into connections

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Dear all,
in the current Simulink model I am working on, I quite often have to add registers into existing connections (1st pic). I usually did this by right-clicking the register and dragging it into the connection. The block was directly connected with its input and outputs (2nd pic). This doesn't seem to work properly anymore since I am using 2020b (before: 2018b). Sometimes it does work, but most of the times, the register block is just placed above the connection (3rd pic). Please have a look at the three pictures that visualize both scenarios.
initial state:
desired outcome:
unwanted outcome:
Rewiring everything manually is very tedious. How can I get back to the original behavior, i.e. that produces the outcome of the 2nd picture?
Help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks and regards

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 14 Dec 2020
Draging and dropping the block to the line will always make it auto connected. I've verified this in R2020b. You just need to be careful to properly align it. Zoom in and make the block and line look a little bigger will help.
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Morris on 14 Dec 2020
Hi Fangjun Jiang,
thanks for the reply. In my case it's not a problem of alignment (the block is automatically aligned properly due to the neighboring inputs and outputs). Anyway, it's good to know that it's not "flavor" of R2020b.
Thanks and regards

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 15 Dec 2020
It works as expected on my end. I have used R2020b itself. As mentioned above you should align the resistance block properly between the blocks in order to connect them automatically.

Eric Foxlin
Eric Foxlin on 10 Mar 2021
I'm having the same trouble as Morris now that I just upgraded to R2020b. It always worked for me up through R2019b, including on this same computer. Can someone from Mathworks please verify there is no setting that controls this behavior. It does make editing slower.
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Morris on 16 Mar 2021
Hi Eric,
I know this must sound very annoying, but do you have your Simulink session running for a longer period of time? I realized I encoutered the problem less frequently after a fresh restart.

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Eric Foxlin
Eric Foxlin on 16 Mar 2021
Thanks Morris. I encountered the issue when R2020b was newly installed. I stumbled upon a cure when I right-clicked a block from one line to clone it and dragged it onto another line, where it inserted itself as it should. Since then, I've had no problem even when doing the ordinary left-click-drag onto a line, and it still works after multiple restarts. No idea if this cure will work for anyone else.



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