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How do you handle homework on Matlab-based courses? Is there a "class folder" software?

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I will be teaching a matlab-based course. Handling homework will be an issue. Ordinary email seems inefficient.
I am looking for a software which allows something like the following. (And I hope MATHWORKS adds such a feature.)
a) It opens to the class roll.
b) Upon clicking on a student's name his/her portfolio opens. This directory has all the homework, student's work, and instructor's comments, grades.
c) Student's codes can be tested on the spot. I can run the code student has written and see the output on MATLAB's output window.
d) The student has access to his/her own page or to a common project page.
I have seen mymathlab,webassign,webwork. But I do not think they are aiming for such a thing. Have not tried blackboard but I doubt it comes close.
How do you manage such courses? What system comes close to above description? Is there a feature request page?

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Jen Goree
Jen Goree on 11 Nov 2020
MATLAB® Grader™ is a browser-based authoring environment for creating and sharing MATLAB coding problems and assessments. Please see the MATLAB Grader product page and the MATLAB Grader documentation for more information. For other types of online assessment, please refer to our Online Teaching page for Online Assessment.

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 12 Nov 2020
It would appear the workflow you describe is best suited to MATLAB Drive. Students could share a folder with you. You can access this folder from your MATLAB Drive folder in MATLAB. This allows you to directly run their code, or call it from code of your own.
Ultimately, it depends what experience you are trying to create for your students.
You can learn more about usign MATLAB Drive in a teaching setting in Ch 4 of our self-paced Teaching with MATLAB course.


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