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In my Simulink model there are two Input ports for my S-Function (.m-file). After calculate S-Function in have one Ouput vector. I would like to see this Vector in a scope. What do i need to change in my S-Function matlab script to get the Output in Simulink again?

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano on 27 Dec 2020
If I understood the question, when you say "get the Output in Simulink again" would mean: you would like to save in a vector so to get access to the data post-simulation, correct? If so, there are different ways, for example:
  • Connect the S-function output to a block "To File" or "To Workspace" (you can find it in the Library Browser, section Sinks)
  • Connect the S-function output to an Outport (you can find as Out1 in the Library Browser, section Sinks), then go to the Config. Sets of the model, section Data Import/Export, and select 'Output' checkbox.
Hope it helps!


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