How to control Inputs in Test Manager

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Grace Edlin
Grace Edlin on 2 Feb 2021
Answered: Jesús Zambrano on 7 Feb 2021
I have an excel that has multiple tabs for different tests.
I have a matlab script that runs test manager.
How do I change which tab it runs?
At the moment I can only run the selected tab.
% Get test file
tf = sltest.testmanager.getTestFiles;
% Get test suite object
ts = getTestSuites(tf);
% Get test case object
tc = getTestCases(ts);
%find the sheets;
input = getInputs(tc);
%Select which tab to run here?
testItr = run(tc);

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano on 7 Feb 2021
The following link shows an example of how to add excel data to Inputs selection
Hope it helps!

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