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DATCOM file reader state inconsistent

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Alessandro Maria Laspina
Alessandro Maria Laspina on 3 Feb 2021
Commented: 博谦 曹 on 20 Jun 2023
I am using DATCOM's for006.dat file to import aerodynamic coefficient data into matlab. When I use the datcomimport function however, I get the following warning repeated for a minute or so :
Warning: DATCOM file reader state inconsistent
> In usafdatcom
In usafdatcom
In datcomimport (line 88)
And then finally an error:
Error in usafdatcom
Error in datcomimport (line 88)
[casenoout,casedata] = usafdatcom(files,usenan,verbose);
Why can't I import my data?
junya ishii
junya ishii on 12 May 2022
I have the same problem, too.
博谦 曹
博谦 曹 on 19 Jun 2023
Same problem. Waiting for answer.

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Answers (1)

Diya Tulshan
Diya Tulshan on 20 Jun 2023
Hi Alessandro Maria Laspina,
I understand that you are using DATCOM for 006.dat file to import aerodynamic coefficient data into MATLAB and there is repeated warning shown when you use the ‘datcomimport’ function.
Some of the possible work arounds could be: -
  • Verify the format of the DATCOM file: Ensure that the file is in the correct format expected by the DATCOM importer. Specifically, check that the variable names and data values are in the correct columns and that there are no missing data values. Also, please make sure there are no extra header lines or footer information that may be causing the inconsistency.
  • Check if the DATCOM file version is compatible with the DATCOM importer: Ensure that the version of the DATCOM file you are trying to import is supported by the version of the DATCOM importer you are using. In some cases, the importer may be designed to work with a specific version of DATCOM file, and using a different version may cause errors or warnings.
  • Also, you can try importing the file using a different program or tool to check whether the issue is with the file or with MATLAB's datcomimport function.
For better understanding of the supported file version, kindly go through the following links:
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博谦 曹
博谦 曹 on 20 Jun 2023
My DatCom version is 1999, which is shown as supported in the datcomimport help page. I have already checked that the issue is definately not with the for006.dat file. It cost me 8 hours to import the data manually...

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