5G DMRS Symbols Power (EPRE)

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Itamar Jacoby
Itamar Jacoby on 25 Feb 2021
Commented: Carlos Lopez on 24 Mar 2021
I'm going over different functions and examples in the 5g toolbox looking for a certain feature defined by TS 38.214 Subclause 6.2.2 - the ratio of PUSCH EPRE to DM-RS EPRE. 3GPP defines this ratio with regard to the parameter NumCDMGroupsWithoutData (in table 6.2.2-1). I can't find this definition in the toolbox. Specifically I would have expected to see it in the function nrPUSCHDMRS.
Has anyone encounterd this issue? Is this a feature yet to be implemented?
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Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez on 24 Mar 2021
Hello Itamar,
5G Toolbox objects and functions configure and generate unit EPRE symbols without explicit power control, except for those related to nrWaveformGenerator (see nrWavegenPUSCHConfig). This means that the user is responsible to scale the power level of the symbols if needed. For instance:
epreRatio = -3; % PUSCH EPRE to DM-RS EPRE (dB)
carrier = nrCarrierConfig;
pusch = nrPUSCHConfig;
drmsSymbols = nrPUSCHDMRS(carrier,pusch);
drmsSymbols = 10^(-epreRatio/20)*drmsSymbols;
Are you interested in waveform generation, link simulation or anything else?

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Answers (1)

Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri on 2 Mar 2021
nrPUSCHDMRSConfig object in MATLAB contains the property you are looking for. Refer to the properties section in the below attached link
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Itamar Jacoby
Itamar Jacoby on 2 Mar 2021
As far as I've seen it only uses NumCDMGroupsWithoutData for dmrs indices, and not for relative EPRE.

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