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Derek Cooper
Derek Cooper on 27 Feb 2021
Dear all,
I am trying to plot a deformed shape of a 3d object using pdeplot3d, inputing a structured array consisting of ux,uy,uz.
g = pdeplot3D(model,'ColorMapData',
The function plots the undeformed shape of the object, however it seems to ignore the 'Deformation' input.
Any ideas of how to deal with this?

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 27 Feb 2021
Your syntax for applying the deformation is correct. Perhaps your values of Displacement are not what you expect? We don't have your data to test, but since you are are displacing all nodes, I wonder if the end result is just a linear translation of your structure. In other words, the result of the deformation is just moving the structure uniformly in x,y and z.
Can you attach you structural model and Displacement variable? You can save them to a mat file and attach them to your post using the paperclip icon.
Derek Cooper
Derek Cooper on 27 Feb 2021
Great answer and it solved the problem. Much appreciated sir.

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Balázs Dura-Kovács
Balázs Dura-Kovács on 19 Jun 2022
I had a similar issue with pdeplot3D eithor not plotting deformations or plotting unrealistic deformations. Turned out that the issue was that I wasn't using the DeformationScaleFactor parameter, so Matlab just picked something automatically.
This is how to plot the deformed shape properly:
axis equal
axis on





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