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not enough input arguments

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aaliyan javaid
aaliyan javaid on 8 Apr 2021
Commented: aaliyan javaid on 9 Apr 2021
i am trying to run the built in matlab function for particle swram i have defined the objective function spearately na then called that function here is the code
function f = objective(p1,q1,p2,n,m)
f = (p1 * q1 + p2 * n * m );
objfcn = @objective;
nvar = 5;
lb = [-5 -5];
ub = [5 5];
options = optimoptions('particleswarm','swarmsize',100);
f = particleswarm(objective,nvar,lb,ub,options);
kindly help thanks

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 8 Apr 2021
You have not set up your objective function correctly, and then you are also not passing it correctly to particleswarm.
  • Write the objective function to accept a row vector of length nvars and return a scalar value.
This meains a single input variable, where each column corresponds to the values of each variable. You can split that vector into specific variables inside the objective function if you want, as I do below.
Also, your 'fun' input to particleswarm should be either objfcn or @objective.
nvar = 5;
lb = [-5 -5];
ub = [5 5];
opts = optimoptions('particleswarm','swarmsize',100);
f = particleswarm(@objective,nvar,lb,ub,opts);
function f = objective(params)
f = (p1 * q1 + p2 * n * m );
Note that this will run now, but it did not find a solution before it was terminated.

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