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how can i convert an answer from an inputdlg into a matrix ?

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%Attribuer des noms à des compositions reportées dans un fichier
if choice == 2
prompt = {'fichier'};
answer = inputdlg(prompt,'Fichier');
fichier = load(answer);
for n = 1:nl
fichierCart = bary2cart (fichier(n,:),10);
hold on
text (x,y,Nom,'color','g','Fontsize',10);
I new to matlab so maybe my question is not formulated correctly but what i need to do is make dialog box where the user puts in a filename that contains matrix with n number of lines and 3 columns. but what my dialog box does is just give back answer with a cell that has just one box like this : answer = [file]. thank you for your help.

Answers (2)

Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri on 12 May 2021
Refer to below attached code,it might help you
prompt = {'Enter filename'};
dlgtitle = 'Input';
dims = [1 35];
definput = {'data.txt'}; %filename
answer = inputdlg(prompt,dlgtitle,dims,definput)
array = load(answer{1});
Hope this helps!!

Rik on 12 May 2021
While you could solve it like you suggest, a much better idea (in my opinion) would be to use uigetfile.
file = uigetfile opens a modal dialog box that lists files in the current folder. It enables a user to select or enter the name of a file. If the file exists and is valid, uigetfile returns the file name when the user clicks Open. If the user clicks Cancel or the window close button (X), uigetfile returns 0.


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