How to programmatically pause and resume UUT Simulation in Test Sequence Block ?

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Is there a way to pause unit uder test, UUT, simulation from test sequence, yet allow test sequence block to execute to evaluate verify statement?
I'm using test sequence to test a state machine that will transition between some of the states strickly based on timer expired; i need a way to pause simulation while it is timing and/or at the timer expiration but before it transition to new state, let test sequence verify some signals, then let it resume simulation back.

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano on 26 May 2021
Maybe you can add one or more breakpoints in different steps so to pause in the moment you prefer. Here I include documentation showing the steps to do it:
Yamen on 30 May 2021
yes, i thought about using the function callbacks after seeing the assert block using it; i have to do all the verification evaluation in there, then when done, resume simulation using "set_param(bdroot,'SimulationCommand','continue')". I was trying to do it all in the test sequence, one place for everything. easily plottable for review puposes, but it seems it is not possible.
I will try to see if the verification can be done easily, modularly, and scalably implemented in a script.
Thank you for your help!

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